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Maxtrax 3D NASCAR Racing Game MAX001
Maxtrax 3D NASCAR Daytona Challenge Board Game
Maxtrax 3D NASCAR Daytona Challenge Board Game
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$159.95 each

You have watched the races on ESPN. You've seen the drivers tear it up on the tracks. You've seen the action from every angle, except . . . Now you CAN BE THERE! Introducing Maxtrax 3D NASCAR board game - all the excitement of NASCAR racing in your own home!

The DAYTONA CHALLENGE Collectable board games!

The ONLY board game on the market that offers realistic NASCAR® racing at DAYTONA! A Multiple player (10 or more) NASCAR® racing game with all the THRILLS, EXCITEMENT, DRAMA and COMPETITION of Restrictor Plate Racing at the Legendary DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY!

The DAYTONA CHALLENGE Deluxe 3-D features an awesome 3-D replica of the DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY as the game board. This Beautiful 3-D replica was designed from the original blueprints furnished to MAXTRAX by ISC (International speedway corporation). The artwork on this Masterpiece in 3-D is duplicated from Aerial photography and many still photographs of DAYTONA!

Game play is designed to authentically duplicate Real Racing at DAYTONA! YOU are the Driver. Qualify with the fastest speed and you're on the pole. It's restrictor plate racing at DAYTONA, mastering the draft is the key to winning. Stay in the groove and work the draft to your advantage. When you swing out of the thundering 200 mph draft train to make your charge to the front, will a draft partner join in the charge or will you get hung out to dry?

Every aspect of Real NASCAR® Racing plays a part in The DAYTONA CHALLENGE. Driving skills such as giving a love tap at just the right moment, trading paint to intimidate another driver and blocking your opponents on your way to the checkered flag. Pit strategies are critical. Do you call for a four tire pit? Or do you take a chance on just two tires, or maybe just a splash of gas. Tire wear and running out of fuel are factors in this race Just like the DAYTONA 500.

Watch out, you could get caught up in a CRASH that brings out the next CAUTION! Random Breakdowns, Black Flags. Every scenario has been thoroughly researched and included as part of this racing game. You're racing real replicas of famous race cars. RACING CHAMPIONS® collectible die-cast NASCAR® replicas are included as game pieces.

Mr. Andrew Gurtis, Vice President of the DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY, writes:

The DAYTONA CHALLENGE game collectible is the most exciting and realistic racing board game I have ever seen. The folks at MAXTRAX really did their homework and captured the DAYTONA Experience, from the 31 degree highbanks to drafting skills. What they have created is a visually stunning collectible. It's a Winner!
  • Officially licensed by NASCAR
  • You are there excitement
  • Play with as many as 10 people at once
  • A true collector's item
  • Fun for the entire family
You are there action
You are there action
  • A huge table-top board game
Manufactured by: Whalen2

Year: 1999

Made in USA

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